Books I Read – November 2019

Wow, it’s been a long month. More work, NaNoWriMo, and trying to move. I made a trip up to Milan and Genoa – what beautiful cities! I absolutely loved them…and the food! I had ravioli in Genoa in this walnut sauce, and it was so good, I almost licked the plate. I didn’t get near as much reading done as normal, like a fraction, but I did get some – I only made time for the best books this month.

Books I Read - November 2019 | Poppies and Jasmine

Where Our Fathers Lie Buried – Joseph Bruno

Where Our Fathers Lie Buried - Joseph Bruno | Poppies and Jasmine

I actually recieved a review copy of this book, but everyone who knows me knows I do not lie about something as important as book reviews, so all opinions are my own. I have a major thing for coming-of-age stories, and this book fit the bill. The protaganist, Paul, is 13 when he encounters the situation that’s going to force him to grow up some, and build into the adult he’s to become, but this is not a kid’s book in any way – more, it’s a book for adults that will remind you of the event that was key to your own tale of growing up, that one defining situation. The descriptions in the book are particularly vivid, bringing the story to life around you and encompassing you in the story, and the story keeps moving along, so that you don’t get bored and lose your connection to the book. I really, really loved it, and strongly recommend it.

The Last Boleyn – Karen Harper

The Last Boleyn - Karen Harper | Poppies and Jasmine

This is a good book that I’ve read before, years ago. It tells the story of Anne Boleyn through the eyes of her sister, and I think it does an excellent job showing how desperate Anne would become as her situation changed, and how lucky Mary Boleyn was to avoid being trapped as the king’s wife. I generally find Mary Boleyn a little too placid for my tastes, but in this book, she was placid because she was smart, and it’s more easily appreciated.

Getting Lost With Boys – Hailey Abbott

Getting Lost With Boys - Hailey Abbott | Poppies and Jasmine

This young adult book is a bit coming of age, bit easy beach read. And, unfortunately, it’s not worth picking up. There’s nothing blatantly terrible about it, but it’s…generic. The characters are a bit flat, the story moves forward but is never riveting, the descriptions are predictable. There are so many better books out there – skip this one.

OK, like I said, it was a light month for reading, but next is December, when I plan on being curled up under a blanket with books and hot chocolate!

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